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Set of 3 Nylon Wash Bags for Delicates

  • $ 9.47

Flawless laundry bags and sock savers...... whodathunkit?

"I think most people get these bags to save and protect their dedicates, and honestly, they do a great job of that. No more hooks on the bra straps getting stuck in one of the little holes in the dryer or getting knotted up with a pair of leggings so that one side of the bra is now 2 inches longer than the other but for me... it's all about the socks!"

"I can toss all of my socks in one of these bags and when all is said and done, I have the same number of socks emerge from the dryer as I put in the washer."
By Fenix


Premium Laundry Bags That Will Not Snag & Destroy Your Delicate Clothes

Nothing is worse than having a beautiful and delicate nightgown, bra or hosiery and see that got ruined from your washing machine or from a poor quality washing bag that snagged or pulled your delicate laundry.

  • Gentle on your clothes - Don't get stuck with a laundry bag for delicate clothes that will rip, tear, or fall apart. Our high quality smooth mesh fabric and reinforced seams lingerie wash bag won't damage your garments.
  • Each lingerie bag has long-lasting and secure zippers - prevents your delicates from flying out during wash and dry cycles.
  • Save money - because these premium wash bags are long lasting.
  • Wash bags are excellent for smaller items that always seems to get lost - like disappearing socks or baby clothes.
  • These Lingerie bags for laundry protects your clothes - from being stretched, snagged or damaged during wash and spin cycles.

3 Different Size Wash Bags for Practically Every Type and Size Clothes

  • One Large 20 x 23.5" is perfect for large knit sweaters and other large delicate items.
  • Medium 16 x 19" is ideal for lingerie, bras, and delicate undergarments.
  • Small 12 x 15.5" is great for baby items, lingerie, bras and other small delicate items.

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    When you order consider purchasing two or more sets - one for yourself and one for a friend.