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ORGANIC Premium Flaxseed Oil - Heart, Hair & Cholesterol

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This Made in the USA high-quality Organic Flaxseed Oil Capsules may promote heart health with its Omega 3's.

★ This supplement is a rich source of essential natural fatty acids. As a result, you may experience healthier looking hair, skin, and nails. (Low levels of omega-3 fatty acids may cause dry looking hair, as well as dry and brittle nails.)

These are easy to swallow Flaxseed Oil Capsules with no strange fish burp aftertaste like many people experience with fish oil capsules!

Enjoy The Many Health Benefits With This Premium Flaxseed Oil Supplement for Heart, Immune, Hair & Skin Health.

"Organically healthy, cost-effective, a great supplement for your heart and cholesterol"

"I have high cholesterol and the doctor wanted to put me on some cholesterol-lowering drugs. I had friends who suffered horrible side effects from those drugs, so I decided to try to lower my cholesterol without using them and to mainly change my lifestyle and diet.

I take one each day. I've also stopped eating so much processed food, especially tv dinners, and have increased my fruits and vegetables. Within a year I had dropped 35 points off my high cholesterol. It is now close to normal.

I've had a lot of experience with all different brands of flaxseed oil capsules. They come in large capsules, which can sometimes be difficult to swallow. Some require you to take 2 or more each day. I love the Vita Day Flaxseed Oil capsules because I need to take only one per day.

I have no side effects from them with no burping or funny tastes, and finally, they are ORGANIC." *
By S. Dubinsky


benefits of flaxseed oil pills

Flaxseed Oil Capsules are a Natural & Healthy Source of Omega 3s Without the Bad After-Taste Burp Many People Experience When They Try to Digest Omega 3 Fish Oil Tablets.

This is an easy way for you to get one of the richest sources of ALA, alpha-linolenic acid, which is so important for your overall health.

These Safe & Effective Plant-Based Capsules Have Many Other Benefits Too

Weight Loss. Many people have discovered, as well as bodybuilders, that one of the ways to lose weight is to increase your intake of essential fatty acids which are found in these 1000mg Flaxseed Oil Capsules. Unlike other types of oils, this type of flaxseed oil does not convert into body fat.

Rich Source of B Vitamins - B1, B2, B3, B12

Many people are deficient in many of the B vitamins. For example, many vegetarian people have Vitamin B12 deficiencies, because it is mainly found in many types of meat. As a result of having low levels of this vitamin, many people experience hair loss, dull hair, feel tired a lot, and many other health-related issues.

Did You Know That Your Body Can Not Produce These Essential Fatty Acids?

People add this supplement daily because our bodies can not manufacture these essential fatty acids on their own! Flaxseed Oil offers the highest concentration of EFAs -essential fatty acids.

"Has Stopped My Period Pain!"

"I used to get the worst kind of period pain you could imagine. But ever since I've been taking these flaxseed oil capsules it seems every month gets easier and easier and far less painful each time!!

I can not tell you how exciting this is! I used to lose two days out of every month huddled into a ball on the floor or in my bed. Not only has the pain almost completely gone away, but the heaviness and bloating and grogginess that I used to get have also become a lot less.

I am afraid to stop taking this product from now on!!!" *
By Sequoia

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and why we are so passionate about this supplement.

Buy Premium Quality Pure Flax Seed Oil Softgels With 100% Confidence

* IT'S THE HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANIC FLAXSEED by Vita Day Products - a trusted supplements brand. Made in the USA in a Certified GMP facility for your safety and purity.

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Organic Flaxseed Oil