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Premium Pure St John's Wort Supplement

  • $ 19.50
★ Highest Quality Natural Supplement Supports Mental Clarity and Focus.
This is a Premium Non GMO St Johns Wort Extract.

★ Maximum Strength for Fast Results.
Highest Safe Concentration St Johns Wort Herb with 500mg Per Capsule and 3% of Hyperforin as well as 0.3% of Hypericin for Maximum Effectiveness and Best Results.

★ Easy to Swallow Capsules With No Strange Aftertaste!
Easy to swallow without choking on huge hard to digest herb capsules.

Customer Product Review - Premium Pure St. John's Wort


"Great for anxiety, depression and mood swings!"

"The stress we are under as we turn 30 only gets worse and worse. I myself am under extreme stress with my job, my boss, my family and life in general. I was getting anxious and depressed and it became harder and harder to face little things that usually didn't bother me. 

"These are very easy to swallow and I take 2 a day. It helps with my anxiety, keeps my mood balanced and keeps me in check."

"I will never be without St. John's Wort again! This is a reputable company and I have really seen results!" *
By Wildmatter


Vita Pure Product's Premium Quality St. John's Wort Is a Natural & Healthy Memory and Mood Support:

  • Improves a person's mood and decreases anxiety & depression with its main ingredient Hypericin - which converts to Serotonin in our brains.
  • Did you know that your serotonin levels decrease every year? Yes, if you over 30, and/or if you are experiencing a lot of stress.
  • St. John Wort Extract is used all the time in Europe and especially in Germany. They recognize its many positive mood-enhancing attributes and other mental benefits. 

    Best St Johns Wort

This Pure St. John's Wort Is:

  • Made in a Certified GMP facility -
    which is regulated by the FDA. This gives you the consumer the highest level of safety & purity for you and your family.
  • Vita Day Products is a dedicated company that gives you the highest quality supplements and home goods at a very affordable price.
  • Very high level of customer satisfaction - many happy customers and reviews!
  • Try it for 30 days - If you aren't thrilled with our St. John Wort supplement then simply return it. With no questions asked!

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.