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Top 10 Healthy Detox Water Drinks That WIll Make You Smile

Posted by Jennifer R. on

With spring and summer approaching, here are 10 healthy and refreshing detox water drinks that are easy to make. You can make them all year long too! 

10 Health Detox Drinks That'll Make You Smile

What Is a Detox Water Drink?

Detox water is basic drinking water that includes a variety of other foods (primarily fruits and vegetables) that help rid the body of toxins and also assist in burning fat. This healthy twist on regular water provides all the benefits of a detox smoothie without all the work that goes into making it.

Not only is it a great way to improve your health with its healthy ingredients, but it also makes drinking water so much more fun! 

Often, we forget to (or, don’t want to) drink all those 8-10 recommended glasses of water each day. However, by simply adding natural sweeteners into our water, the experience of drinking the necessary amount of water can become so much more enjoyable.

Here are some of the best detox waters -
they are easy to make, 
healthy and delicious:

  • 1. Lemon Water Detox

  • There are many benefits to drinking lemon water:

    • boosts your immune system due to vitamin C
    • properties that can cleanse the liver
    • it’s helpful for digestion
    • can reduce pain in the joints
    • assist the heart
    • helps cure the common cold
    • balances pH levels
    • purifies the blood
    • replenishes the skin after working out

    Lemon water is often made simply by slicing lemons and filling it in a cup or pitcher of warm or cold water.

    2. Green Apple, Cucumber, and Mint Water Detox 

    There’s a common theme in this detox water recipe: they are all green and lots of health benefits:

    • Green apples: Enjoyed by most, are rich in fiber,  minerals, and antioxidants. The fiber and minerals in green apples can assist in increasing one’s metabolism and improve digestion. They’re low in fat, can help prevent cancer, and prevent asthma.
    • Cucumber: Cucumber holds many health benefits, such as brain protection and its ability to help prevent breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancer. It also has many antioxidants that can help lower risk of diseases, such as heart disease. Cucumber can also reduce inflammation, freshen breath, and help manage stress.
    • Mint: Besides being nature’s breath freshener, it can assist digestion, soothe nausea and headaches, act as a stimulant against depression, replenish the skin, and has cooling/soothing effects on the skin (used often during injury).

    To make this detox water, just slice some cucumber and apple and grab a handful of mint leaves. Put these all in a pitcher or cup of water. It is also recommended to put a squeeze of lemon in it.

    3. Chia Seed Detox Water 

    These are some of the benefits of drinking chia seed detox water:

    • has many nutrients
    • low in calories
    • has many antioxidants
    • are rich in fibers
    • high in protein
    • can help you lose weight
    • high in omega-3 fatty acids
    • can lower the risk of diabetes
    • can strengthen bones

    Chia seed detox water is easy to make: add ½  teaspoon of chia seeds per cup. You can also add some lime for extra benefit, or squeeze some orange in the water to add some flavor and sweetness.

    4. Raspberry Lemon Detox Water 

    Raspberry, other than being delicious, has many other benefits:

    • increases your immunity
    • high in vitamin C
    • high in antioxidants
    • helps prevent cancer
    • assist in eye health
    • lowers inflammation
    • can lower/control the risk of diabetes
    • assists in blood circulation
    • can help decrease menstrual flow and lessen cramps

    Raspberry lemon detox water is quite simply made: place raspberries at the bottom of a pitcher first. Then, fill it with water and place lemons in. Put water in the refrigerator for about an hour. Remove the lemon from the pitcher (to prevent extreme bitterness). Feel free to add chia seeds if you please. Enjoy!
    (refer above for lemon health benefits)

    5. Lemon Coconut Detox Water 

    Benefits of coconut water:

    • helps to hydrate your skin
    • beneficial for weight loss
    • helps with digestion
    • reduces blood pressure
    • high in potassium
    • high in copper
    • contains antioxidants
    • soothes/treats headaches
    • balances pH levels in the body

    Add ½ cup of coconut water to 1 cup of water. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and (optional) add a teaspoon of aloe vera juice (rich in nutrients and fiber).

    6. Blueberry Orange Detox Water 

    Benefits of Blueberry:

    • high in nutrients
    • low-calorie count
    • extremely high in antioxidants
    • helps lower cholesterol
    • helps lower blood pressure
    • can help prevent heart disease
    • improve memory
    • can help prevent diabetes
    • can help fight UTIs (urinary tract infection)
    • relax muscles

    Benefits of Oranges:

    • high in vitamin C
    • can help reduce the risk of cancer
    • help prevent kidney disease
    • lowers cholesterol level
    • fights against infections
    • protects skin
    • lowers high blood pressure

    To make blueberry orange detox water, cut 2 oranges into wedges and place in a pitcher of water (recommended 6 cups worth of water). Then add ice and a handful of blueberries. It is recommended to place in a refrigerator for 2-20 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse into the water properly.

    7. Raspberry Mint Detox Water

    To create raspberry mint detox water, start with the recommended 8 cups of water (about 2 liters). Add a handful of raspberries, either frozen or fresh. Then, add a handful of mint. The amounts can mold to how much of what ingredient you want: there isn’t really a wrong or right way. Add lemon or lime for some extra nutrients if you please. Make sure to refrigerate for an hour or more to ensure that the ingredients can infuse into the water.

    8. Grapefruit Mint Detox Water 

    Health benefits of grapefruit:

    • assists the immune system
    • can prevent kidney stones
    • burns fat
    • cleanses liver
    • replenishes the skin
    • protects against prostate cancer
    • increases metabolism
    • reduces cholesterol
    • prevents gum disease
    • assists in weight loss
    • helps with digestion
    • prevents asthma

    To make grapefruit mint detox water, slice a large grapefruit into smaller pieces, and place as much as you want into a pitcher of water (about 4-6 cups). Next, add a handful of mint and add ice. Make sure to refrigerate.

    It has been noted by some doctors and that some people experience grapefruit and medication interactions. Most of the risk is with older adults who take more prescription drugs and who eat more grapefruit.

    9. Pomegranate Mint Lemon Detox Water 

    Health benefits of pomegranate:

    • filled with nutrients
    • reduces inflammation
    • protects against prostate cancer
    • protects against breast cancer
    • lowers blood pressure
    • fights arthritis and other joint pain
    • fights risk of heart disease
    • fights infections
    • improves memory

    To make this detox water, fill a pitcher with about 2 liters of water. Then, pour in about a cup of pomegranate seeds as well as a handful of mint. Add either two teaspoons of lemon or just put in a slice of lemon and make sure to refrigerate.

    10. Coconut Persimmon Detox Water 

    Health benefits of persimmon:

    • can prevent cancer
    • boosts immune system
    • improves eye health
    • lowers high blood pressure
    • improves blood circulation
    • replenishes skin
    • boosts metabolism
    • helps with weight loss
    • boosts digestion
    • high in vitamin C

    Personally, my favorite, coconut persimmon detox water is made by adding a cup of coconut water to 5 cups of filtered water. Then, slice up 1-2 persimmons and add that to the coconut and filtered waters. You can add some mint or ice to it as well.

    Detox water is a relatively new and definitely creative and quick way to improve your health and feel refreshed at the same time. You can create it with as little as two simple ingredients, or adding many other ingredients.

    No matter what you decide to include in this special drink, anyone can make detox water. This can help a person to feel great and provide many other health benefits.

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    Guest post by Kimia M. & Joel Williams


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